Topic no-1 a) Can you give me some advantages of study? b) What is the difference between fast food and traditional food? c) Describe one of your memorable gifts? d) Who gave you that gift? e) Why is it so special to you? Topic no-2 a) How is environment polluted? b) What are the consequences of environment pollution? c) How are the elements interrelated? d) What do you mean by ecological balance? e) Why is it necessary to prevent the environment from being spoilt? Topic no-3 a) What do you mean by science and technology? b) Do you use a mobile or computer? Why? c) Do you think technology is available in your country? d) Do you think technology only helps us, or are there some disadvantages too? e) We should do proper use of science and technology. How far do you think so? CLASS NO-18 Topic no-1 a) T.V or computer-which do you prefer and why? b) You are a tourist guide- how would you describe your country? c) What kind of clothing do you like? Why? d) Why do you think we are deviating from traditional cloths? e) If you were told to settle in a rural side, would you settle? Why? Topic no-2 a) What is meant by education and what are the aims of education? b) Why is it compared to light? c) What sort of capacity can a person acquire through education? d) How does education shape a person’s character? e) Why should we be educated? Topic no-3 a) Do you think the hospitals of our country are sufficient? b) Why are the hospitals of our country yet under-developed? c) How much role of hospitals is there to keep good health? d) Do you think smoking should be prohibited in public? Why? e) What kinds of exercises do you think are the best for your health?