Topic no-1 a) What is the difference between city lifestyle and village lifestyle? b) What do you mean by media? c) What are the advantages and disadvantages of media? d) What is your favorite academic subject? e) Why do you choose this subject? Topic no-2 a) What is global warming? b) Which factors are largely responsible for global warming? c) What are the adverse effects of global warming? d) What remedial measures can be taken to address the problem of global warming? e) What is your personal opinion about the problem of global warming? Topic no-3 a) Would you please describe a teacher that you remember from school? b) Why do you think him/her a great personality? c) What did not you like about the teacher? d) How did the teacher change your life? e) How is he now you know that? CLASS NO-20 Topic no-1 a) Which do you think is the most important meal of the day? b) Why do you think so? c) Usually what do you have in that meal time and why do you have it? d) Give a comparison between our culture and western culture. e) Why do you think it is very necessary to stick to one’s culture? Topic no-2 a) Do you always read newspaper? b) What type o newspaper do you read? c) What do you think of its benefits for students? d) How can it help the others? e) Do you think it is necessary to read it regularly? Topic no-3 a) Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony? b) Who got married? c) What happened during the ceremony? d) Tell something that you remember very well about the day? e) What you most enjoyed about the wedding, please tell it?