Topic no-1 a) Why do you think we need forest? b) Which is your favorite shopping centre? c) Tell me about its specialty? d) Why do most people want to settle abroad? e) Where do you want to settle and why? Topic no-2 a) What is a tokai? b) Where do you see him? c) How does he pass his days? d) How do you sympathize with him? e) What should the government do for them? Topic no-3 a) What is dowry? b) What is the main reason of dowry? c) Who take dowry and who are the victims of dowry? d) How does the dowry system affect the whole society? e) How can this social curse be eliminated? CLASS NO-22 Topic no-1 a) What is your idea about leisure? b) How do village and city people spend their leisure? c) What are the common sports and pastimes? d) What do you do in your pastimes? e) How do you evaluate traveling? Topic no-2 a) How would you define culture? b) What are the elements of a society’s culture? c) How do the people of different culture differ from each other? d) What do you understand by cultural aggression? e) Why should you be cultured? Topic no-3 a) What do you understand by street urchin? b) Where do they live? c) How do they earn their livelihood? d) How are they treated? e) How can we rehabilitate them?