Topic no-1 a) Why do you think sports are necessary? b) What types of sports are very popular? c) Do sports help us anyhow? d) Do you take part in sports? e) Do sports strengthen international brotherhood? Topic no-2 a) What is the state of female education in Bangladesh? b) What is the percentage of female literacy? c) Why is female education necessary? d) What should the government do to improve female education? e) What role can an educated women play in the family? Topic no-3 a) What do you think price-hick is harmful? b) What are the causes of it? c) What is the impact of it into our society? d) Who are the worst sufferers of it? e) How can it be solved? CLASS NO-24 Topic no-1 a) What do you mean by water pollution? b) What are the reasons for it? c) What are the results of it? d) What measures should be taken to control water pollution? e) What is your suggestion in this regard? Topic no-2 a) What is gender discrimination? b) Who are the victims of discriminatory treatment in our society? c) What are the reasons of this discrimination? d) What are the short or long term results of this discrimination? e) How can this discrimination be removed from the society? Topic no-3 a) What do you mean by deforestation? b) What are the reasons behind deforestation? c) What are its effects? d) How can we save the country from it? e) How can you motivate people about it?