Topic no-1 a) What kind of role does money play in our life? b) Why is money necessary in every step of our life? c) How does money determine our hope and living standard? d) What happens for want of money in our life? e) Is there any bad effect of money? Why? Topic no-2 a) Who are called neighbors? b) Who are good neighbors? c) What do you do for your neighbors? d) What do your neighbors do for you? e) Why are good neighbors necessary for your life? Topic no-3 a) Have you ever visited a book fair? b) When did you visit it? c) Did you buy any book? d) Describe the fair. e) How do you feel when you remember this visit? CLASS NO-26 Topic no-1 a) What is a rainy day? b) What usually happens on this day? c) What are the results? d) How does it bring sufferings to the poor? e) How does it sometimes affect our economy? Topic no-2 a) What do you mean by self-employment? b) Why is it important for our country? c) Is the atmosphere of our country congenial to self-employment? d) What benefits can it bring about? e) How can we make it more popular? Topic no-3 a) Who is a day laborer? b) What sort of life does he live? c) How much does he earn a day? d) What services does he render to the society? e) What do you suggest to improve his lot?