Topic no-1 a) Where were you born? b) How did your parents use to make you pleased when you were sad? c) How did you pass your childhood with your friends? d) How did you feel when you first went to school? e) Can you remember a very sad or happy incident of your childhood? Please tell. Topic no-2 a) Why is English called an international language? b) Why should we learn English? c) What do you think about the necessity of grammar in learning English? d) Which way do you follow to learn English? e) How does your English text book help you to learn English? Topic no-3 a) Greenhouse effect leads men to death. How far do you think so? b) How does it affect our environment? c) What are the causes o the greenhouse effect? d) What kind of harmful impact does it have on our life and environment? e) What should we do to defend us against the greenhouse effect? CLASS NO-28 Topic no-1 a) How much do you love a flower and why? b) Why do people buy flower? c) Where are flower-shops seen now-a-days? d) Why have many people taken flower-cultivation as profession? e) How can the flower-cultivation be encouraged? Topic no-2 a) Why is Bangladesh called a land of calamities? b) What is the most common natural calamity here? c) When does it occur? d) What is the impact? e) What should the government do about it? Topic no-3 a) What is your opinion about the old and disabled people among us? b) What are their rights? c) How are these rights violent? d) How can we fulfill their demands? e) How can they be happy?