Topic no-1 a) Were you ever in a situation where you felt frightened? b) How old were you then? c) Were you at home or some where else? d) What made you afraid? e) Describe what happened. Topic no-2 a) Have you any teacher that you remember from school? b) What the teacher taught you? c) What was good about the teacher? d) What you did not like about the teacher? e) Say if you think this teacher changed your life in any way. Topic no-3 a) Which do you use more often-a mobile phone or telephone? Why? b) Are international phone calls expensive in your country? c) What is the best way to keep in touch with friends abroad? d) Is there any demerit of mobile phone? Describe. e) What facilities do you get from technology? CLASS NO-30 Topic no-1 a) Have you ever made a journey by boat? b) Is the sea-side a popular destination for people in your country? c) What do you think it should be done to prevent pollution of the oceans? d) How do you feel whenever you are in sea-coast? e) What do you do on your holiday? Topic no-2 a) In your country, do people wear a lot of jewelry? b) Is it the same for men and women? c) Do you think children should wear jewelry? d) Why are women fond of jewelry? e) Why should not we wear it most of the time? Topic no-3 a) What seasons do you have in your country? b) In which season do most people like to spend their pastime? c) Which season do you like most and why? d) What are the merits and demerits of rainy season? e) How is the environment in spring season?