Topic no-1 a) What kind of threats are there to the environment in your country? b) Do you think your country is protecting the environment enough? c) Is the environment very important to you? Why? d) How is our environment being polluted day by day? e) What type of steps should be taken to remove it? Topic no-2 a) Tell me about some animals that can be found in your country? b) Are there any animals that you like? Why? c) In what ways are animals used in your country-agriculture or others? d) How do most people feel about animals in your country? e) How should our animals be treated? Topic no-3 a) Is there a lot of house-work to do in your house? Why? b) How is your housework usually shared in your family? c) Where do you live –rural or urban area? d) What do you think is the most important household task? Why? e) Are ideas about housework changing in your country? Describe. CLASS NO-32 Topic no-1 a) When do you have free time? b) What do you like doing in your free time? c) What free time activities are there in your locality where you live? d) How important is free time in people’s lives? e) Where do you want to visit on your free time? Topic no-2 a) Where did you grow up? b) Was it a good place to grow up for children? c) Where did you usually play? d) Do you think childhood is different today from when you were a child? e) Who used to be your companion most of the time? Topic no-3 a) Do you enjoy watching films? Why? b) How often do you watch films? c) Do people generally prefer watching films at home or at the cinema hall? Why? d) Would you like to be a filmmaker or super-star? Why? e) What things do you get watching films?