Class no-33

Topic no-1 a) Is there anyone in your family that you really praise? b) What relation his person is to you? c) What are your first memories of this person? d) How often do you see this person? e) Say why do you really admire this member of your family? Topic no-2 a) What makes a good friend? b) How has the internet changed the way that people can make friends? c) Is friendship important in your culture? d) How many close friends can you have? e) Are friends more important than family? Why? Topic no-3 a) Describe a friend that you really like to spend time with. b) When and how do you meat him? c) How often do you see this friend? d) What kind of personality does your friend have? e) Say, why do you like spending time with this particular person? Class no-34 Topic no-1 a) Do you think people in your country are superstitious? Why? b) Can you describe a typical superstition that they believe in? c) Do you think people are less superstitious now than they used to be? d) Will the future bring any new types of superstition? e) How can we remove superstition? Topic no-2 a) Describe a person who has been successful by your thought? b) How do you know him? c) What happened to him? d) How was his/her educational qualification? e) Say why do you think this person became successful? Topic no-3 a) What types of music do you like? b) What type of music is popular in your country? c) Why do people listen to music? d) How has music changed in the last 100 years? e) How may the styles of music be changed?