Spoken English

a) Can you describe a typical day? b) Would you like to change any things in your daily routine? c) How do you spend your free time? d) Do you have enough free time? e) Do you get any benefits by your daily routine? Topic no-2 a) How does tourism affect a country? b) Does it have some advantage? c) Can cultures learn from each other? d) What is the role of parents in rising children? e) Has the role changed in recent years? Topic no-3 a) Who is responsible for discipline in any office? b) Do possessions make people happy? c) Why do people buy things? d) Are people of your country wise consumers? e) With what do you compare money? Class no-36 Topic no-1 a) What is the role of advertising? b) Do films and television influence on us? How? c) What are the qualities of a good leader? d) Who are the most influential people in our country? e) Are there many role models today? Why? Topic no-2 a) How do different cultures celebrate events? b) What is the importance of festivals? c) How have special occasions such as weddings changed in your culture? d) What do you do in any festivals? e) What do the people of our country do on Pahela Baishakh? Topic no-3 a) Do you have a large or small family? b) Can you tell me something about them? c) How much time do you manage to spend with members of your family? d) What sorts of thing do you like to do together? e) Are you happy with your family? Why? CLASS NO-37 Topic no-1 a) What kind of festivals do you have in your country? b) Which one is more important? Why? c) What type of food do you like? d) What sort of restaurant do you prefer? e) Tell me about its food items. Topic no-2 a) Why do you think reading is important? b) How can we encourage young people to read more books? c) Is there a future for books and libraries with the rise in popularity of the internet? Describe. d) What kind of skills does a person need to write a book? e) Would you like to write a book? Why? Topic no-3 a) What kinds of music are popular with young people in your culture? b) How has technology affected the kinds of music popular with young people? c) Tell me about any traditional music in your culture. d) How important is it for a culture to have musical traditions? e) Why do you think countries have national anthems or songs?