Topic no.-1 a) Who is your favorite person? b) Why is it favourite to you? c) What is your educational background? d) Where is your native town? e) How often do you go there and by which vehicles do you go? Topic no.-2 a) What problems did you face in your school life? b) What is your leisure interest? c) How is it common in our country? d) Why do you think it is important? e) How do you feel reading? Topic no.-3 a) Do you read newspaper? b) Why do you think it is important? c) Do you read English newspaper? Why? d) How many times do you spend for reading it? e) Which is the most favorite newspaper to you? Why? CLASS NO.-4 Topic no.-1 a) Do you have any close friend? b) When do you meet him/her? c) What do you do when you are together? d) What should you do towards the other friends? e) What is the importance of a good friend? Topic no.-2 a) What are the facilities we are getting in this modern age? b) Do you think modern age has any merits or demerits? c) What are they? d) Why are they being occurred in this age? e) How can we get rid of the demerits? Topic no.-3 a) Do you like to make a garden? Why? b) Describe a garden you often visit. c) Why do you like to go there? d) With whom do you go there? e) How much essential is it for environment? Some topics on particular questions: