Topic no.-1 a) Are you familiar with house? How? b) Do you live in a house or apartment? c) What are the things you have around it? d) How many things are there inside your house? e) How do you feel to stay in your house? Why? Topic no.-2 a) What sorts of environmental hazards do you see on your locality? b) What are the causes of the hazards? c) Give some suggestions to solve the problems. d) Tell something about the famous place of your area. e) How many educative institutions are there in your locality? Topic no.-3 a) Do you have any happy event in your life? b) Why is this event special to you? c) Who were with you on that time? d) How was the condition of your mind? e) What kind of things did you do for that event? CLASS NO.-6 Topic no-1 a) Do you like to travel? b) Why do you think it is educative? c) How do you feel when you go to a new place? d) Do you like to travel with your friends or family? e) How do you feel when you are together? Topic no-2 a) When did you take the trip? b) Whom did you take with you? c) Which place did you select? d) How did you go there? e) Why do you think the journey was memorable? Topic no-3 a) Do you watch T.V.? b) Which programmes do you like most? c) When are they shown? d) Why do you like it? e) How does it influence on your mind and attitude?