Topic no-1 a) What is your favorite building? b) Why is it your favorite building? c) Where is it? d) What purpose is it used for? e) What is your opinion about safety and construction of the building? Topic no-2 a) What are the specialties of Dhaka city? b) What facilities do people get from here? c) Is there any disadvantage in Dhaka city? d) What are they? e) What can be done to overcome the problems? Topic no-3 a) Science is a likely process for the progress and welfare of a nation. Why should you think so? b) In this age of computer, people of the world still know nothing about technology. Comment about it. c) Nowadays children are much eager to watch T.V.—do you agree with me? But why? d) Can you tell how science and technology have made life easier? e) Is there any abuse of science and technology? CLASS NO-8 Topic no-1 a) Why do you think we should share everything with our neighbors? b) Who are your good neighbors? c) How many responsibilities should we have for them? d) What do the neighbors do for you? e) Why are good neighbors necessary for our life? Topic no-2 a) Would you describe the qualities of a good teacher? b) Do you think teachers are more commercial these days? c) What should a teacher do to improve himself? d) What can the government do improve the quality of a teacher? e) How may a teacher play vital role for the country? Topic no-3 a) Why do you think poverty is a curse of a country? b) Why is Bangladesh a poor country? c) What do you think government should play an important role to remove poverty? d) What are the causes of poverty? e) What should the conscious people do to remove it?