Topic no-1 a) What type of food do you eat everyday? b) Is there any difference of food habit between Europe and subcontinent? c) Cooking is an essential quality for all women,–do you agree or disagree? d) Do you think it is also essential for man? e) What are the types of food necessary for a healthy diet? Topic no-2 a) How many festivals do you like to observe? b) Do you think festival can change in future? c) What’s your opinion about spending a lot of money on certain festivals? d) Holidays during festivals can diminish the productivity of a country. Do you feel so? e) How far do you agree with the modern system of festivals? Topic no-3 a) What is your favorite hobby? b) Why do you like it? c) How to do it? d) Is it traditional or not and what are the advantages of your hobby? e) How much time do you spend for your hobby? CLASS NO-10 Topic no-1 a) Do you consider smoking a very bad habit? b) What are the dangers of smoking? c) A smoker can harm anon-smoker, do you think so? Why? d) Are there smokers in your family? e) Do you think that smoking in public places should be banned? Topic no-2 a) Do you have a personal library? b) Why do you think it is important for all? c) What kind of facilities does the library give you? d) How is it furnished? e) What do your family members do in the library? Topic no-3 a) What do you mean by a rural life? b) What are the main features of rural life? c) How is it different from urban life? d) Do you like rural life? e) What measures may be taken to improve the standard of rural life? More important topics for practice and monthly test: