Topic no-1 a) Do you live in a house or flat? b) Tell about advantages or disadvantages. c) What problems did you face in your school life? d) What is your leisure interest? e) Is it common in your country? Describe? Topic no-2 a) What is meant by load- shedding? b) When and why does it occur? c) How does it affect on the students? d) What is its effect on the industrial sector? e) What can be done to minimize or stop load-shedding? Topic no-3 a) Do you think computer skills should be taught in schools? (Why or not?) b) How has the computer affected society in our country? c) How do you think computer technology and IT will develop in the future? d) Could you comment on the idea that the introduction of computers has enormously increased unemployment? e) What is the role of computer for the globalization? CLASS NO-12 Topic no-1 a) Do you believe in friendship? Why? b) How many places have you been to? c) Which country do you like to go? Why? d) Compare between foreign educational system and our educational system. e) Where do you want to settle and why? Topic no-2 a) What is the condition of female education in Bangladesh? b) Why is female education necessary? c) What are the advantages of female education? d) What role can an educated woman play in the family? e) What contributions can she make to social and economic development? Topic no-3 a) If you were the owner of a multinational company, what would you do for your country? b) How much should we think for the helpless people? c) Do you think poverty is the main factor for the sufferings of those helpless people? d) What should we to remove poverty? e) What type of steps can be taken to make our country developed?