Topic no-1 a) Describe your role model. b) Describe Dhaka city. c) Tell me something about your biggest asset. d) What is your latest interest? e) How is this going to help you in your future life? Topic no-2 a) Where did you pass your childhood? b) Do you remember your first school? How were the teachers like? And your classmates? c) What type of a child were you? Smart or shy? d) Do you have any sweet or bitter experiences? Would you please describe it? e) How do you feel when you have recollections of your childhood days? Topic no-3 a) What sorts of magazines are popular where you live? b) When do you think it is the best time to read magazines? Why? c) Do you think reading magazines can stop people from reading books? Why? d) How may you be helpful by reading it? e) What do you think everybody should read it regularly? Why? CLASS NO-14 Topic no-1 a) Tell me something about one experience you gathered in your college? b) In your opinion which profession is the most important and why? c) During which time of the day do you like reading and writing? d) Why do you choose this time? e) What is the importance of legible hand writing? Topic no-2 a) What is globalization and what do you mean by a borderless global market? b) How have we conquered distance and time? c) How is the world getting smaller day by day? d) How can we make our world a better place? e) Can you think of any adverse effects of globalization? Topic no-3 a) Do you prefer to see new buildings or traditional buildings? Why? b) Is there a building you particularly like in your country? c) Do you think there is enough housing in your country? Describe. d) How will you build your house? e) Do you think the standard of housing in our country should be improved?