Topic no-1 a) Can you cook? How? b) Do you think it is necessary for boys also to learn cooking? Why? c) What type of food do you like to eat? d) Which is your most favorite place? e) What is the specialty of that place? Topic no-2 a) What do know about micro-credit finance? b) What institutions run micro-credit programs? c) What are their contributions? d) What is the achievement of Grameen Bank and Mr.Yunus? e) What recognition have they got? Topic no-3 a) Do you play any sports? b) Which sports do you like most to play? c) Which sports are most popular for watching in your country? d) Is this the same for men and women? e) Do you think there is a great importance of sports for the sound body and mind? CLASS NO-16 Topic no-1 a) What type of accommodation do you like to use? b) Would you please tell the advantages and disadvantages? c) What is the difference between a house and a flat? d) How can you decorate your room? e) Why do you think the viewers enjoy a game? Topic no-2 a) What is natural calamity? b) What natural calamities does Bangladesh experience every year? c) What are the effects of natural calamities? d) How can the natural calamities be prevented? e) What do you suggest to prevent natural calamities? Topic no-3 a) Do you think traveling is a part o education? Why? b) Where do people like to go on holiday? c) Have you ever been abroad? Why? d) Is it easy to travel within your country? e) In which places do you visit frequently? Why?