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Offer Id: 896
Company Name: Md. Manna Hossain
Contact No.: 01823660266/ 01770211204
E-mail: selltoearnmoney@gmail.com
Business Type: Electrical and Electronic/Mechanical Engineering
Location: GAZIPUR
Offer Title: iPhone 6 Sale Price: BDT 16500 tk

Offer Details: Offer Details: iPhone 6 Sale Price: BDT 16500 tk
Present Market Price: 46010tk
No any defeat & 7 months used
Offer Source: Plz, click here to show

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মিডিয়া এসটিএন

Kaliakair, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

প্রধান উপদেষ্টা সম্পাদক: Selltoearn.com


উপদেষ্টা সম্পাদক: Selltoearn.com

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E-mail: info@selltoearn.com

মিডিয়া এসটিএন

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