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Jobs Title: Rangpur Foundry Limited
Contact No.: 0961 373 7777
Jobs Type: Wholesale/Retail/Export-Import
Myself/Company Name: Rangpur Foundry Limited (RFL)
Jobs Details: Since 1981, followed by a vision to serve the common people of Bangladesh with quality products, Rangpur Foundry Limited (RFL) initiated its journey with Cast Iron (CI) products for the rural farmers. Within a decade RFL has been able to proclaim good responses from loyal customers. In 1996, the company intensely diversified into PVC and Plastic categories to be at par with changes in technology and habits of mass. Rangpur Foundry Limited, as it is popularly known as RFL, has become synonymous to standard to the people of this country. RFL has maintained the consistency throughout these decades so far quality is concerned. It has factories encompassing an area of 600,000 square meters which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art injection molding machines and industrial robots, with raw material to finished goods conversion capacity of over 20,000 tons per month. RFL has earned a significant leadership in the arena of PVC & Plastic industries and is renowned as the largest PVC & Plastic manufacturing plant in Asia. Skilled manpower is one of the key factors of a growing economy. Bangladesh is such a country, which has ample skilled technical resources. One fourth of the total population of the country is involved, either directly or indirectly, in electronics consumer goods. In 2012, RFL intensely started marketing of consumer electrical & electronics products. Bizli, the cable brand; Click for Switches, lamp, Fan etc, VISION, the brand for household electronic items, produces LED TV, Freezer & Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave oven, Induction cooker and handheld electronics brand PROTON produces Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone etc. The name RFL stands by the assurance for qualities of all these products. The production process is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries to produce and test all types of products in conformity with the latest standards of National and International excellence. The company will comply with all required mandates. All these products are supported by prompt customer service & replacement warranties. 21st century is regarded as the era of globalization where quality that matters and RFL believes that these standards can be reached and sustained by utilizing our available indigenous resources. RFL also believes that health of national economy of Bangladesh can be enriched through such indigenisation.
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